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09:58 pm | The Mongolian Judicial Institution one of the three main branches that execute the law in Mongolia. Only Courts execute the judicial power. The Mongolian judiciary system consists of the Supreme Court, Aimags’ and...

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08:34 pm | There are a number of fashion shows that take place in Ulaanbaatar throughout the year. The biggest and most well know is Goyol which takes place in December over a whole weekend at...

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02:55 pm | With 30 million herd animals in the country, Mongolians eat a lot of meat and milk products. Fruit and vegetables are harder to come by. Nothing grows in the long winter, so most...

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03:19 am | Mongolian State Academic theatre of opera and ballet is the theatre which serve with both classical and national operas, ballets, and orchestral productions. We have collection of over 100 world classical and national...

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03:30 am | Price – $69.99 (Single User) The Mongolian-English Dictionary from Lingua Mongolia is the first piece of commercial dictionary software for Uighur-script and Cyrillic Mongolian in the world. The culmination of over four years...

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09:06 pm | Aside by having four seasons Mongolia has an extreme continental climate, meaning that it is so far in land that no sea moderates its climate. With over 260 sunny days a year, Mongolia...

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Capital City Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar City Tour »

Ulaanbaatar City Tour 04:19 pm | Please, look to the east if you are at the Chinggis Khaan International airport, but if you are at the...

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Ulaanbaatar Symbol and Population »

Ulaanbaatar Symbol and Population 11:08 am | The legendary bird – Geruda has been chosen as the emblem of the Mongolian capital. According to Mongolian beliefs, the...

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Camps around Ulaanbaatar

Guru Tourist Camp »

Guru Tourist Camp

01:23 pm | Guru travel LLC estallished in 2004, is a new tourist camp which consists of traditional style ger...

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Ikh Dut Camp »

Ikh Dut Camp

05:17 pm | Terelj-Jiilchin company has been running the business in Mongolian tourism field since established in April 1991 and...

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Khaans Camp »

Khaans Camp

03:11 pm | The facilities offered at the tourist camp: - A ger (Mongolian national tent) camp with 50 beds....

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Khurkhree Camp »

Khurkhree Camp

02:19 pm | Our luxury tourist camp started operating from 1st of April, 2002. During the 6 years we have...

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Undur dov Camp »

Undur dov Camp

01:28 pm | Explore Mongolia! This is your biggest change to get introduced to the real nomadic lifestyle of the...

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Dinosaur camp at Terelj »

Dinosaur camp at Terelj

12:54 pm | It is capable to receive from 60-80 guests in there gers with 2-4 beds. In the heart...

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Animals in Mongolia

02:28 pm | Animals adapted to all kind of ecosystems such as forest, steppe, desert, alpine, tundra, talus and water surrounding grove, have established themselves in Mongolia. Many animals, which are frequently spread throughout the Siberian taiga, European-type forests, western Asia and Turan desert, are included in the aforementioned animals. Also there are many endemic species, which are...

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Animals in Mongolia

Country of Mongolia

04:05 pm | Mongolia is a landlocked country in northern continental Asia bordering with the Russian Federation on the north and the People’s Republic of China on the east. It has a land area of 1.6 million square kilometers, making it the fifth largest country in Asia and the seventeenth in the world. Geographic Situation of Mongolia, covering...

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Country of Mongolia

Folk Songs

01:58 am | Mongolian music is a reaction to their surroundings and life. Caring for a baby provokes melody. Seeing a calf being rejected, its mother is convinced to return by singing. Seeing white gers spread across the green pasture inspires a proud melody. Traveling a long way on horseback, riding sets a pace, the pace delivers rhyme,...

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Folk Songs

Ger Furniture

08:56 pm | The furniture in a ger is made to be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Many a ger will contain furniture painted bright shades of orange, blue, pink and white and will usually stand out inside the ger. The space inside a ger is usually quite limited, and this lack of space limits the...

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Ger Furniture

Mongolian Govi – Tourist Camp

05:39 pm | The “Mongolian Govi” tourist camp is full service tour camp in Mongolia. We received foreign visitors, organized all kind of travel activities to Bayanzag-Dinosaurs area and Govi region make services such as riding a camel, a horse, hiking, introducing traditional customs. Mongolian gers -17 gers with 1-4 lattice sections, Deluxe Gers-8 gers with toilets /80...

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Mongolian Govi – Tourist Camp